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Foreign Language Courses & Programs for Everyone!

Learning a new language is personally enriching and opens new doors in both business and life. Whether you need to learn Spanish for business, want to learn Italian for play or study any other language, Indy Foreign Language Academy has just the right program to help you reach your goals. We offer a complete line of language instruction services, from intensive immersion programs for the busy executive who needs to learn a language in the shortest period of time possible, to entertaining and educational beginning-level private and group language courses for children, teens and adults.

Our customized private programs allow you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, in a relaxing, pressure-free environment in our Carmel, Indiana or North Palm Beach, Florida classrooms or anywhere in the world in our virtual classroom. Our small group classes let you interact with others who are also learning your new language from one of our experienced instructors.  And now with our Vacation Classes in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese you can make your next trip even more fun. Our conversational approach will have you speaking your new language the very first day and give you the confidence to speak.

We are still accepting registrations for the following fall courses:

Conversational Spanish I (Saturday mornings only)
Conversational French II
Everyday English I
Semi-Intensive TOEFL Prep
Accent Reduction