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About Our Company

Indy Language Center, formerally Indy Foreign Language Academy, is a division of Indy Translations, which was founded in 1997 as an innovative, full-service language company in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indy Translations provides interpretation, translation, audio/visual services, desktop publishing and language consultation. It also operates The Foreign Language Company in St. Louis, Missouri, North Palm Beach, Florida & Fresno, California. The north campus of the Indy Language Center, located in Carmel, Indiana, opened in March 2006.

Indy Language Center focuses on language-learning and providing students the best educational experience possible.

Our goal is to provide top-notch language instruction services to the general public at an affordable price. We believe strongly that learning another language is a key to unlocking the door to opportunities, as well as uniting cultures and communities.

At Indy Language Center, our conversational approach to teaching offers an invaluable language experience. Students learn the language by interacting with native and native fluent instructors and even grammar is reinforced through continuous conversation. Classes teach all aspects of the language, including culture, but because of the conversational nature, more emphasis is placed on the development of speaking and listening skills.

When studying a language, our individualized curriculums allow students to learn exactly what they want to learn. By working with your goals and interests, your instructor will develop a curriculum which will meet your own specific language goals and needs. We offer the everyday vocabulary you need to successfully communicate and the industry specific vocabulary your business needs. And because the curriculum is designed just for you, it is flexible. As your language proficiency increases, your instructor will make necessary additions and alterations to ensure that the curriculum meets your changing needs.