Hands-on Learning
Kids love languages, too!  ILC offers fun and exciting classes for children ages 3 and up.  Learn through music, crafts, videos and hand-on activities.  After school tutoring programs are also available. 

Flexible Scheduling
Learn what you want, when you want.  With our private lessons, students can set their own schedules.  Study Spanish everyday or Japanese just once a week – the choice is yours! 

General Information about Our Language Programs

You will find just the right program for you at the Indy Language Center. We offer programs for students of all proficiency levels and all ages: children, teens, students, adults and business executives. Classes can meet at our offices in Carmel or downtown Indianapolis, at your home or office, or you can study virtually over the Internet or by DVD. Whether you’re a visual or auditory learner, we can custom fit a program to your exact learning style.

Types of Programs