Basic Spanish Phrases

Hola [oh-la] = Hello

¿Cómo está?
[koh-moh estah] =
How are you?

Me llamo ___.
[may yah-moh ___] =
My name is ______.

Hablo un poco español.
[ah-blow un poh-koh eh-spahn-yol] =
I speak a little Spanish.

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Private Instruction

Indy Language Center offers private one-on-one classes for individual students as well as private group classes formed by companies or groups of individuals.  These classes are available at our office or your place of business.


We work with your goals and interests to develop a curriculum which will help you to meet your language goals. We offer the everyday vocabulary you need to successfully communicate and the industry-specific vocabulary you and your business need.


Besides an individualized curriculum, another benefit of private classes is the opportunity to decide when and how frequently your classes will be held. Have class everyday for an hour or just one afternoon per week - it's up to you.  Classes are available morning, afternoon and evening.

One-on-One Instruction

Our private classes allow you to focus on specific elements of the language in order to reach your language goals. If you need to learn at a faster pace or if you want the benefit of one-on-one conversation with a native instructor, then this course is for you.

Spanish for the Workplace

Indy Language Center is now offering specialized courses for professionals who want to learn Spanish for the workplace. These courses offer industry-specific vocabulary and phrases and are fully customizable for you or your business. Learn more!