Hands-on Learning
Kids love languages, too!  ILC offers fun and exciting classes for children ages 3 and up.  Learn through music, crafts, videos and hand-on activities.  After school tutoring programs are also available. 

Flexible Scheduling
Learn what you want, when you want.  With out private lessons, students can set their own schedules.  Study Spanish everyday or Japanese just once a week – the choice is yours! 

Free Spanish Class!
Take a free, no obligation 30-minute private Spanish lesson.  Meet our instructors, see our school and learn more about our classes and teaching methods. 

Workplace Spanish

Indy Language Center offers specialized courses for professionals who want to learn Spanish for the workplace. These courses offer industry-specific vocabulary and phrases and are fully customizable for you or your business. 


Workplace Spanish classes can be one-on-one or we can train a group of employees at our office or yours.


You provide us with your specific job-related goals for using the target language and a time frame for study, and we create a customized syllabus designed specifically for your company's schedule, needs and employees. Our instructors come from a variety of education and cultural backgrounds, and can help you start relating to your Spanish-speaking employees or clients from day one.


Contact us to learn more about Spanish for the workplace and to get a sample syllabus for your field.