Basic Spanish Phrases

Hola [oh-la] = Hello

¿Cómo está?
[koh-moh estah] =
How are you?

Me llamo ___.
[may yah-moh ___] =
My name is ______.

Hablo un poco español.
[ah-blow un poh-koh eh-spahn-yol] =
I speak a little Spanish.

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Virtual Programs

Indy Language Center is currently developing interactive online programs in Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. We hope to make these programs available soon, with other languages following after.


Most public group classes offered at our Carmel location will be available online. By logging onto our website during the class time, students are able to watch the live class in progress. After the class, students e-mail their instructor with questions and that day's homework.  Students who want to take a class by distance must have access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection during the time of the class as well as access to e-mail for assignments.  Our current schedule of classes is available here

For one-on-one instruction we using Skype software. For information about setting up Skype, click here.

Indy Language Centeralso offers private instruction by distance.  Students use web cams, telephone, instant messaging, e-mail and other electronic interfaces to speak live with their instructor as they work on a customized curriculum that uses distance-friendly teaching methods.